Roots – a metaphor describing a place where we settle – where we put down our roots.

We are lucky – we can uproot or just have many places that we connect too.

This tree has found its place and is hanging on tightly.

Image taken at Kendall Ledges in Cuyahoga Valley National Park,


Cleveland Bridges

I love the Cleveland bridges which is why I love this photo.  A bit busy for some maybe but my vision was to find a view that would capture the maximum number of Cleveland bridges.  I really miss these views.  A large version of this image is hanging in a hallway of the Bradley Building at 300 West Sixth Street.

_P1130053 bridges sepia 10x12.5_01

Bisbee, Arizona

I really need these colors this time of year.

Bisbee is a small “hippy” town in the far southeast corner of Arizona, very near the Mexican border.  An old mining town from the late 1800’s – copper, silver, turquoise.  The operations waned in the mid 1970’s and with the decline in property values, the hippies moved in.  John Wayne hung out here too but not with the long hairs.  The town is funky and the colors spectacular.

DSC_8113__01 Bisbee AZ