This blog began as a way to photographically document High Street in Columbus.  In my humble opinion, this street is the central spine of the city.  My motivation was that having spent some time away from Columbus, I saw High Street with new eyes upon my return.  But my blog is changing.  I have decided to include my images from all over town and my travels to other places.  I admit, this blog is more for me and a way to liberate these images from my computer hard drive.  I also want to share them with the hope they provide enjoyment to others.

The images will often stand alone – I am not one for naming images.  Other times an explanation of the where and maybe the why will accompany them.  I may also include a sketch or two and possibly a poem/prose here and there if I am so incline.

As far as WHO AM I :

I am a landscape architect and photographer and traveler living in Columbus, Ohio.  Many of my photos reflect my love of the outdoors, the landscape, the Southwest and travels in general.

A bit about High Street:

High Street bisects the city of Columbus, running for approximately 16 miles, north to south from outerbelt highway to outerbelt highway.  Many of the city’s most popular neighborhoods, restaurants and The Ohio State University campus abut High Street.  Also, many major events – parades, marathon races, farmer’s markets use or can be found along this street.  In the 17 plus years we have lived in Columbus, we have never lived more than a couple of blocks away from this central spine of the city.  It is worthy of documentation.


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