The Ginkgo Tree – ON HIGH


The Ginkgo Trees brighten High Street in Downtown Columbus.  The unique, fan-shaped leaves with glowing yellow fall color are a works of ART.

Of the five groups of seed plants, Ginkgo is one of those groups, yet, reflecting its uniqueness, is the only species of that group.  (Where other groups number in the thousands)  The Ginkgo is thought to be virtually unchanged for over 200 million years and it is possible that dinosaurs ate Ginkgo seeds.  Though more widely dispersed throughout the world in the past (millions of years ago), Ginkgo biloba, the only know remaining species of the tree, is found growing wild only in remote areas of China.  Personally, I think a few days of the putrid smelling fruit (only from the female trees) is a small price to pay to enjoy this tree the remaining days of the year.