The Flower Guys

DSC_0100__01sig Nate & Steve

Nate and Steve the flower guys at Clintonville Farmer’s Market On High.  Steve and his wife Gretel own Sunny Meadows Flower Farm on the southeast side of Columbus.  They are all-natural fresh flower growers.  My wife loves these guys and buys their flowers every Saturday at the market.  Most flower shops sell flowers shipped in from all over the world – not very sustainable.  Buy local – even flowers.


John and Juniper Rose


John and his daughter Juniper Rose On High.  John and his wife own the chartreuse green food truck housing the Krazy Monkey Juice Bar and Earth’s Crust Pizza (great breakfast pizza!) that can be found on Saturday mornings at the Clintonville Farmer’s Market in front of Global Gallery.  John, a man of many talents, is also an electrician and owns Dirty Girl Cleaners on High Street.

Rich Street Bridge

DSC_3707a Rich St bridge sig

Just a couple of blocks off High Street is the (fairly new) Rich Street Bridge.  Along with the new Main Street Bridge, they have changed the look of the downtown riverfront.  But have you viewed them from below?  In the future when the low-head dam is removed just downstream, this view will change dramatically and will likely be accessible to more people with the proposed expanded park lands along the river.